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Obligatory Progress Sticky

Here is your handy-dandy quick reference to What Mel And Christy Are Up To, writing-wise, in the hopes that it will save our time and yours when you want to know what's up, what's next, are we going to revive X fic, are we making progress, blah blah blah. Please note:

**NAGGING WILL GET YOU NOWHERE.** In fact, nagging is counterproductive: Mel's writing juices positively dry up when she's faced with "write more write faster want want want", and then even Christy with a cattle prod can't keep things going.

Questions about progress on any of the fics listed here will be either ignored, or answered with something very brief along the lines of "check the sticky". Polite questions about anything not listed here by name will get polite answers. Rude questions about anything at all will get a Gundam despatched to stomp your house flat.

*updated 6 July 2014, about 2pm.*

State of the Mel: Not well.
State of the Christy: Busy!

State of the Website: Back up at a new provider!

State of the Other Websites: Since the collapse of the old House of Torment site, we've started putting our work up elsewhere. It'll take a while, but we'll eventually have full archives on and AO3.

State of the Writing:

ON HIATUS. Mel isn't well.

- Hijacked by the plunnyjam!
--- Nurarihyon no Mago fic, Celadon: Up to Chapter 1.
--- Bleach sillyfic, Fight or Foreplay: Up to Chapter 6.
--- GW/Honorverse crossover: Up to Chapter 2.
--- GW/Bleach crossover, Bankai Wing: "Heero and Nemu and Ghosts, Oh My" has been posted! Go read it!
--- Log Horizon fic, Respec: Chapter 2 is in progress, about 2/3 done!
Normal service will resume as soon as we can unjam our brains.

- Demon of Justice: Up to Chapter 43.
- Warped Mirrors: Up to Chapter 28.
- Alarums and Excursions: Up to Chapter 14.
- Rebuilding: Paused. We plan to resume it once DoJ is either completed, or at a point where switching between it and Rebuilding doesn't require a full brain reset.
- Viri & Hath: Part 2 started and percolating in Mel's brain. Part 5(?) already written and waiting for its turn.
- Everything Else: Hiding from the bunnies in the back of our heads. Progress is possible but not planned at this time.

moon_angelica has created a Demon of Justice epub file that can be downloaded from MediaFire HERE!

----- Originally posted at my Dreamwidth account, please comment over there!

DoJ: Chapter 43: "Belhadan."

DoJ 43: BelhadanCollapse )

----- Originally posted at my Dreamwidth account, feel free to comment on either site!

DoJ Sidefic and Happy Birthday Leah!

A present for Leah, because she is awesome, and because what she wanted for her birthday fitted perfectly with something that's been kicking around in my head since not long after Demon of Justice first started writing itself in there. If it's lasted this long without changing in any major way - and it has! - clearly it was only waiting for the correct time to be written. That looks like now. ;)

This is set some indeterminate time in the future of DoJ, and it contains one whopping big spoiler… but it's one that all our readers seem to think absolutely HAS to happen, so it's not going to be a big surprise. Enjoy!

DoJ Sidefic: Take This WaltzCollapse )

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DoJ: Chapter 42: "I don't want to know!"

As promised, here is Chapter 42 (AKA Life, The Universe, And Everything) of Demon of Justice! Enjoy. :)

DoJ 42: I don't want to know!Collapse )

----- Originally posted at my Dreamwidth account, feel free to comment on either site!
Uff da. Okay, I would just like to say that I was NOT crying at a scene I wrote myself; Christy's House of Bishounen Torment was really dusty that day. Yeah. Dust. Gets in the eyes. :P

Also, please read the warnings for this chapter if you don't usually.

DoJ 41: The Lay of Bahzell Bloody-HandCollapse )

----- Originally posted at my Dreamwidth account, feel free to comment on either site!
Oy vey, thanks to the plunnyjam and so on it's been over eight months since the last chapter of DoJ fought its way out of our heads. Sorry! If it's any consolation, it does look like the DoJ plot bunny has re-sharpened its teeth and is ready to get back to work on a regular basis...

DoJ 40: I'm not doing this lying down.Collapse )

Productive Writers' Block

Yeah, you read right. Productive writers' block, that's what we've got. That's not the sort of writers' block where you sit there and can't think of anything to write; it's the sort where you sit at your laptop, half-finished chapter open in front of you, and you can think of fifteen different things to write but none of them fit in the chapter you're trying to finish.

DoJ 40 is half finished. We know exactly what we want to happen next, and who to, and what the consequences will be, and we have evil ideas about hints to drop regarding things you haven't found out about, and yet the words will not line up. The file is staring at me right now. Accusingly. That little blinky cursor knows how long it's been since I added anything (as opposed to tweaking the occasional word in the stuff I've already written), and it does not approve. There are words in my head that will line up in the form of fic, but they don't belong to DoJ. They don't belong to any of our current fics, in fact, and while we're quite used to being plunnied by New Things all the f'ing TIME, we are not used to having those plunnies jam together in our brains and refuse to let the Current Things' plunnies through.

So I called Christy, partly to say "Er, sorry, I haven't added anything to the fic since I visited last, all my plunnies want to do Nurarihyon no Mago," and her response boiled down to "That's okay, all my plunnies want to do Bleach."

Um. Well then.

In the interests of unsticking the plunny-jam, there's a Nurarihyon no Mago fic being written, and there might need to be a Bleach PWP or similar done as well before we get back on track. We're sorry. Hopefully you'll like them?

DoJ Fan-Fanfic!

To quote Norcumi: "Cracktastic Pr0n" XD

DoJ Chapter 36: "Movement"

Back from the betas! Enjoy! :)

DoJ 36: MovementCollapse )
Egad! Less than a week since the last chapter, and oh look. Enjoy! (And comment. We wuv comments.)

DoJ 35: Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!Collapse )


norcumi wrote some excellent DoJ pr0n! It's based off some "what-if" ideas that came up in comments to a couple of our chapters, and her characterisation of Brandark made me wibble. Go read, and tell her it's good! :D


We're doomed! We're all doomed!

I put in a bug report in World of Warcraft the other day, and just got a GM response... from Yththar.

He's out of the fic! He's coming to get me!


It's moon_angelica's turn to be awesome!

HERE is a link to MediaFire, where she has kindly set up an epub version of Demon of Justice for download. Enjoy! (And send her thank-you squees to join ours, please!)

DoJ Chapter 33: "Will You Serve?"

Wahey! Another chapter, not years later. :D

DoJ 33: Will You Serve?Collapse )

We have been ficced, and I love it. :D

norcumi has written DoJ fic, and it is awesome.

Here it is. Warning: it is set after DoJ chapter 32 and contains major spoilers! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go read it again. :3

P.S.: Norcumi, hon, you did NOT need to apologise for wanting to write this, and frankly if you get bitten by any more plot bunnies or nagged by any more gods/goddesses/whatever, please consider yourself to have blanket permission to fic ANY of our stuff. :D

Yay Jo!

I find myself once again linking to joisbishmyoga because she is teh fantastic, guys. Go snicker. :)

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